Castle Asset Management believes that the best investment is in oneself. Itís mission is to deliver to the consumer and business owner processes and systems of money movement that focus on the efficient and effective creation of wealth and to protect that wealth from being transferred to the government, financial institutions and other third parties. By improving the flow of a clientís money (the velocity), Castle Asset Management is most confident that it will significantly increase client benefits and drastically improve the clientís money supply (the multiplier effect) with no increased risk or out-of-pocket expenses. We specifically seek to fortify and protect your "economic castle" by incorporating the following strategies.

  • Increase the money a client will have over their entire economic life
  • Give you more accessibility and utility on that money
  • Reduce income taxes
  • Lower Financial Costs
  • Provide Greater Insurance Protection
  • Reduce risks
  • Give you a better understanding of how money really works within society
  • Provide organization, coordination and integration of your financial documents and plans
  • Provide a verifiable process which is interactive and non dictatorial

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